Lakme absolute precision liquid liner

Eyeliners are a women’s best friends. I think most of us use eye liner every single day, it’s really hard to resist applying eyeliner, this is Lakme absolute precision liquid liner let’s give it a quality check! 

Description : This is a liquid eyeliner from Lakme, it claims to be super long wear and waterproof and its opthalmologically tested. The colour is jet black and dries after after application.


Price : Rs 229/- 

Pros : 

  • It’s perfect to apply winged eyeliner 
  • The eyeliner stays well for hours 

Cons : 

  • It’s not waterproof as the company claims 
  • It was darker the day I got it but after few days it became lighter 
  • I use it every day, hence it got finished soon, the quantity is poor! 
  • Need frequents strokes to get that jet black colour

Swatch : 

Overall experience : This product did not fulfill my expectations, it was a waste of money, would definitely not recommend people who use eyeliners every single day as this product will get finished within days. I was expecting it to be good as it was from Lakme, however big names doesn’t need to be good all the time, Lakme is still a developing brand! Completely a turnoff.

FBB ratings : 2/5


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