Indian Saree inspiration 

When it comes to saree’s no one can beat the saree queen Deepika Padukone. Her sarees are always fabulous and can tempt any women to shop for sarees. Whether it’s a wedding, business events or festive occasions, sarees are always eye catching. Beaware These images can make you wear saree. Her images are definitely a fashion inspiration. We can learn a lot from deepikas saree let’s have a look! 




2. WHITE SAREE  In most of her saree images she is seen in huge ethnic earrings which makes her look gorgeous. 

{Tip – if planning to drape a saree you can never go wrong with huge ethnic earring!}


  Her floral print blouse is super stylish and feminine, her seethrough saree really enhances the beauty of her blouse! 

4. NEON SHADES This picture is a inspiration for neon lovers and haters, A visual proof that a Neon shade saree can look so gorgeous and chic!

5. LEMONY EFFECT I’m in love with these golden pointy heels! Every saree is incomplete with such shoes.


{Tip – Don’t forget to pair your sarees with pointy heels for that glamorous effect)


{Tip – tie your hair in a messy bun, braided bun or any sort of stylish braid to reveal the tiny details of your saree and of course to be comfortable}

This is one of my favourite saree, I’ve never seen any saree more prettier than this, the delicate net on the upper body with golden floral border makes her slim fit saree appear more beautiful and stylishly unique.

Images sources : 1,2


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