Nivea whitening sensitive


Nivea has range of deodorants, this one is Nivea whitening sensitive, fairness for sensitive underarms. The best part it claims to have 0% alcohol, as alcohol can cause redness or itchiness to sensitive skin. 

Description : Nivea whitening (sensitive) fairness for sensitive underarms. It claims to provide 48hours of gentle care, it claims 0% alcohol which is rare. It also contains licorine extracts. The fragrance is slightly on a stronger side, which is good deodorants are supposed to be strong to work effectively. Can be perfect for people who have sensitive skin. The fragrance is like a bunch of strong smelling flowers. It smells some what sweet. 


Price : Rs 199/- 150ml

Directions : 

  • Shake well before use 
  • Spray directly on underarms skin 
  • Hold the can 15cm away from the underarms 
  • Donot spray on clothes 
  • Do not spray on broken or irritated skin 
  • Allow product to dry completely 

Pros : 

  • The skin becomes one-two fairer as the doedrant contains a white powdery texture which sticks to the skin 
  • It provides more than 24hr protection 
  • Long lasting fragrance 
  • It’s suitable to sensitive skin
  • Available commonly/online 

Cons : 

  • I doesn’t provides 48hr protection
  • It does not makes skin fair! It’s a myth.
  • Extremely flammable 


Overall experience : I like this deodorant, it’s strong, perfect for my daily schedule. Can be a perfect gym companion. I have sensitive skin and it did not effect me at all. However it claims to get you fairer underarms which was not true and a turnoff, to be honest I never believed it. It makes me smell good for a couple of hours that’s more than enough. 

FBB ratings : 4/5


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