Spinach omelette (Sunday breakfast)


Just a regular omlette with a little more heathier version for my food lovers. This is a super healthy and yummy omlette with spinach and some spices. Takes a overall of 15min 

Ingredients : (Serves 1)

  1. 3 eggs 
  2. Some fresh spinach leaves 
  3. Oregano 
  4. Red chilli flakes
  5. Salt 
  6. Pepper
  7. Cheese (optional)

Method : 

    Heat 2-3 tablespoon of oil in non-stick pan, cook few spinach leaves for 2min on medium flame. 

  Now throw in 3 eggs and add all spices, oregano, red chill flakes, salt and pepper. Flip when the omlette is cooked completely on one side. 
  Grate some cheese over it (optional) Voila!! Your healthy spinach omlette is ready. This looks so beautiful! Serve it with some bread juice/milk 


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