Colorbar take me as I am (tango pink 001)


Description : This shade is very bold, this is not the colour everyone would like to wear, the very name pleases me a lot. I really love the name ‘take me as I am’ definitely a bad girl would love to wear it, this shade would suit any skin tone I feel it’s too versatile. It’s a dark pink slightly comes into a neon shade. This shade is not a every day colour but for a instant change this colour may be a mood swapper.

Packaging : I’m in love with the packaging, it looks like a crayon. It reminds me of my childhood. Which makes this lipstick very special for me.

Price : Rs 900/- 

Tip – if you feel that the colour is too dark for you, apply a very light coat go ahead and apply another nude shade lipstick to lighten it out, if want a matt look press a tissue paper on your lips then remove it off for a perfect light pink neon shade. 

Pros : 

  • Very creamy 
  • Moisturising 
  • Smooth consistency 
  • Pinky neon shade 
  • Only one swipe is enough 
  • Lasts upto 4-5 hours 

Cons : 

  • It stains coffee cups 
  • Can rub off if not taken care 

Swatches :   


  (No editing at all)

 Overall experience : Beautiful shade, it’s not a everyday colour as it suits only with selected outfit, however I totally love the shade, the best part you don’t need to apply a second coat, just one application is enough as it’s very dark, totally worth every penny. 

FBB ratings : 4/5


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