7 ways to protect dyed hair 



Dyed hair is the coolest trend to follow, and gives you a instant makeover, however nothing comes easy! Whichever colour you choose there is always a fear of colour being stripped off. Or other common hair conditions such as dry, frizzy hair. After hair dying one needs to take extra care of the hair as they need some rest from chemicals and some intense moisturization. Tips given below can help you protect your hair colour and save you from coming hair damages! (Personally tried and tested)

1. Use a colour protect shampoo : If you really want your hair colour to last longer, you definitely need to invest into a good colour protectant shampoo!! Using a natural colour protect shampoo would be your best decision.

2. Don’t wash it excessively : over 80% of the colour is damaged only through water. Avoid having long hair washes. Wash your hair only when you feel your scalp has dirt build up. Washing it 2-3 times a week is not only saving your money from drowning but also is giving you a healthier hair. 


3. Condition every time you shampoo : You can’t skip the conditioner even if you have shiny healthy looking hair. Invest into a good colour protect conditioner and use it every time you shampoo as coloured hair needs moisturization. 


4. Turn to nature : use natural deep conditioning hair mask or oil every week to provide your hair hydration for healthier, bouncier and shiner hair. 

Egg hair mask- mix one egg with half mashed avocado, apply the mixture on your hair till the ends (if you don’t have avocado only egg will Also work well) let it stay for a atleast 30-40min. Wash it off with a lukewarm water.


Treat them with natural oils- mix olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, vitamin-E oil in equal proportion apply it on the roots till the end. Massage it for a couple of minutes. Wash it off after a couple of hours. For best results let it stay overnight and wash it off next morning. 


5. Say No to warm water : warm or hot water has the capability to strip off the hair colour in just one wash. Always use luke warm or cold water for hair washing. 

6. Cut off hot tools : Heat damages hair as it makes them frizzy, dry and rough. Avoid using blow dryers/hair straightener/curling machines. 

7. Use hair serum : using a hair serum can get you shiny looking hair. However using too much of it can make it appear greasy the best way is to use less product and add in more if you need. If you want to go the natural way that would be; using just a pea size of almond oil or any oil of your choice rub it over your hands and use it on your hair ends. This will NOT make it look greasy it will nourish them like any other serum does. 

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