Mac Matte Diva lipstick 


If your looking out for a lipstick colour which a bold and dark your search may end here, this lipstick is really dark maroonish colour. It’s matte, smoothe and moisturising. Mac matte diva is a popular lipstick and comes into the ‘must have shades list’

Description : it’s a dark maroonish colour, it makes my lips appear bigger!! It’s smooth, moisturising texture and it’s ‘matte’ I love matte lipsticks as they work well with my face. This colour is perfect for wedding, parties or even at work. 

Swatch : 

  (No editing at all)

    Pros : 

  • Smooth moisturising texture 
  • The lipstick last for hours 
  • Perfect party colour 
  • Available online 

     Cons : 

  • I’m sorry I did not find any 

Overall experience : I absolutely love the colour, there is no doubt, if you love dark shade lipsticks and don’t have Mac diva you may want to consider it. Just a pleasure wearing it! 

FBB ratings : 4.5/5

Deepika Padukone in Mac matte diva  
Image sources : 1


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