Olive oil for thicker longer eye lashes! 


Olive oil is known for its moisturizing properties and endless health benefits. It is extracted from the olive fruit by either pressing or squeezing it out of them. This oil has been thought to help slow down the development of some cancers and even heart disease. 

Long and dark lashes reveal eyes true beauty, every women desire longer fuller and thicker lashes, but for many it’s just like a dream come true. There are many ways to attain longer lashes, like mascara or fake lashes, but nothing can beat natural eyelashes! If you really desire long beautiful lashes you need to put in some effort. Natural beauty comes with natural products which are safe and healthy to use and olive oil is a powerful ingredient used from years! 

Olive oil for eye lashes :

  • Olive oil helps in promoting hair growth, it softens hair, makes it moisturised and heathy it has many health benefits and is the best oil recommended for consumption.
  • Olive oil is a natural source of vitamins which are required for heathy hair growth, hence it can be applied on your eyelashes to promote hair growth 
  • Replace your eye makeup Remover with olive oil as its natural and heathier option also it’s a excellent makeup remover. 

How to use olive oil for eye lashes : 

  1. Pour a few drops of olive oil on cotton pad and apply to your lashes 
  2. Apply it at least for 30min and wash it off with Luke warm water
  3. Another way is using a Q tip, dip the Q tip in olive oil and apply over your lashes 
  4. You can also use a old mascara stick wash it well to remove traces of makeup, dip it in olive oil and apply over your lashes 
  5. For best and fast results I recommend that, let it stay overnight and wash it off gently with Luke warm water in the morning 
  6. This treatment has to be followed for 4-5 weeks to get desired results 

    Lastly make sure to remove any trace of the oil in the morning. Oils around the eye area can cause a problem since it can lead to a build-up. This then leads to unsightly puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. So remember to rinse the oil out properly in morning.

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