What’s the best way to remove unwanted hair? 

Every person have hair complaints, in today’s world where everyone needs to look polished, every girl wants a smooth hair less skin, I’ve researched on the various ways of hair removal, Also gone through some of the advantages and disadvantages of each hair removal method, so you can ultimately choose the best hair removal method for you!

1. Shaving : Shaving is the process of removing hair with a sharp razor to cut the hair off at the skin’s surface. This method of hair removal can be used on virtually any body part, it’s one of the easiest and fastest hair removal method. 


    Pros : 

  • Painless if done correctly 
  • Fast results 
  • In-expensive method 
  • Can be a quick fix for a moment 

     Cons : 

  • Hair grows back within a day or two 
  • Ingrown hair and red bumps occur in most cases 
  • The hair feels hard when touched 

2. Waxing : in this method thin layer of wax is applied on the surface of the skin in the direction of the hair and with a cloth or cotton strip it is pulled off in the opposite direction. This process can be painful, however the person can be hair-free for 2-3 weeks or more depending on one’s personal hair growth. However the pain level decreases with every time you wax, as the hair becomes finer and the skin gets adjusted to it. However some find this method very painful. 


    Pros :

  • Long term solution (hair grows back in 2-3 weeks depending on personal hair growth)
  • Inexpensive method 
  • Smoother skin 
  • Hair becomes finer 

   Cons :

  • Painful 
  • If done incorrectly ingrown hair may occur. 

3. Laser hair removal : Laser hair removal offer the closest thing to permanent hair removal available, but they certainly aren’t an option for everyone. ‘Laser’ refers to an intense pulse of light, which means it carries a risk of burns and should only be performed by a certified professional. 



  • For some people it’s a permanent solution 
  • Less painful compared to waxing 

    Cons : 

  • There are several sessions 
  • Very very pricey 
  • Laser hair removal is not effective for some people 

4. Epilating : Epilator is a device which graps multiple hair at once and pulls out the hair by the root. If you have long hair it is advisable to wax first, and Epilate when the hair is short as pulling out long hair can be very painful. With every time you Epilate it becomes less painful. Some people find it very painful. 

    Pros :

  • Can pull out even the tiniest hair 
  • Quick fix for underarms and legs 

    Cons : 

  • Painful

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