Slit tunic outfit inspiration 


Slit tunics are in Trend from quite a while now, I got this top last year, every girl must own it, these are so so comfortable, that’s the best part about it, my top has a rich print all over, which makes it look so interesting. It can be worn with either ripped jeans, Plazzo or even a long skirt I love the versatility of it. Today was not a ootd as you can see my face is nude, which means no makeup. However the climate was windy and beautiful which made us stop by the way and made me do a little ramp walk.
 A top knot or a bun would have looked better, but I just wanted to feel the fresh air. 
 I always prefer flats than heels, these black bellies with a golden studded bow would go with any outfit. They make my outfit look stunning! 

     Outfit details : 

  • Slip tunic – fashion boutique 
  • Jeans – deal jeans 
  • Bellies – westside 

    Makeup details :

  • Eyeliner – maybelline 
  • Today was a no makeup day!! 

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