Gym outfit inspiration 

I Always wanted to do this post, today’s style check is on gym outfit, hope it inspires you; and helps you to stand out in the crowd. 

 Ready get set go!! 
   I’m wearing a regular tank top, this has neon green and black stripes, it’s strechy and comfortable for my intense training session or any sort of workout. I never apply makeup in gym as I prefer my skin to breathe. Your skin needs oxygen too, also it sweats which can clog pores. It’s advisable to avoid makeup during gym hours. 

  I have long hair, there is no question of keeping my hair open in the gym as I don’t want to end up tangled with any machine, besides i would recommend tying your hair during gym hours. It looks neat and helps you a lot! 

(Tip : wear comfortable clothes, that will help you to relax and focus more on your workout)
This picture is dedicated to all fitness lovers! 

     Outfit details :  

  • Top- style boutique 
  • Track pant – Nike 
  • Shoes – Nike 
  • Bag – Nike 
  • Gym – Gold’s gym

    Makeup details : 

  • Suncreen – nuetrogena dry-touch 
  • Lipstick- Mac 
  • Eyeliner – maybelline 


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