5 Vitamins for healthy skin and hair

Are you looking for vitamins which can help you attain beautiful hair and glowing skin? Keep scrolling to get the most important information about skin and hair, every women needs to know!

Every women can fight signs of ageing by knowing makeup tips, but nothing can beat natural food that can give you good health, beautiful hair and face. The natural the better. Everyone faces ageing process, however these vitamins can definitely help you to delay it!

1) Vitamin A : 

Vitamin A is very important for skin repair and maintenance. If a person is lacking Vitamin A in their diet, it will show through dry, dull-looking skin. To get healthy dose of vitamin A you can eat carrots, egg, milk, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, dark leafy green veggies, sweet potato. Applying Vitamin A topically will reduce fine lines, wrinkles and acne formation. One of the ingredients in retinol is Vitamin A, hence this cream is so powerful and effective.

2) Vitamin C as an antioxidant :


Vitamin C is known for its immune system-boosting and antioxidant properties. These properties will help detoxify your skin, resulting in improved skin texture and appearance. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production, which in turn helps the body to battle the skins of skin ageing and will make your skin more supple. This miracle vitamin will also protect your skin from sun damage. You may apply topically or ingest it orally, although you will see faster results if applying topically via a serum or cream.
Good sources of Vitamin C include citrus fruits, cauliflower, bell peppers, cranberries, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, and brussel sprouts and Amla.

3)Vitamin E for overall skin health : 


vitamin E is good for hair as well as skin, as both require vitamin E. This vitamin is an antioxidant which effectively kills free radicals. Free radicals increase the skins ageing process. Vitamin E also protects the skin from sun damage and is a potent moisturizer. Checkout DIY anti ageing eye serum Click here Foods rich in Vitamin E are sunflower seeds, olives, wheat germ, peanuts, spinach, and almonds.

4) vitamin B complex for improved skintone: 


Vitamin B1 boosts blood circulation in the body, allowing the skin to have a healthier glow; Vitamin B3 also assists the skin in getting its share of oxygen, thus reducing acne; and, lastly, Vitamin B complex contains biotin, a nutrient important to the healthy development of hair, skin and nails.

Foods rich in Vitamin B1 are nuts, raisins and egg yolks. For Vitamin B3, be sure to eat carrots, tomatoes and broccoli. Other great sources of Vitamin B are oatmeal, rice and bananas.

5) Vitamin K for skin discolouration : 

Vitamin K works well in correcting skin discolorations such as dark under eye circles, hyperpigmentation and acne scars. Vitamin K can also lighten and reduce the appearance of bruises and wrinkles.

The best sources of Vitamin K are leafy green vegetables, meat, liver and dairy products.

(Tip-You can also consume these vitamin tablets with a consult of a doctor for faster results)

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