Royal Mirage Rose perfumed body spray 

Lately I’ve been a living a Royal fragrant life, trying and experimenting new fragrances for my viewers, Royal miraj is a product of UAE, I love UAE, hence I always like products from Royal miraj, this company comes with en numbers of fragrances this one is rose, I really like the packaging, very rosy.

Price : Rs 298/- 200ml 

Description : it claims to last 24hrs, it’s perfumed body spray, it actually smells like roses. it’s sweet smelling, it’s very tempting, the company claims that, rose fragrance contains pure and natural oils. Feels fresh for all day long.

Directions : To be applied with a distance of 15cm (6inces)

    Pros :

  • Lasts upto 24hrs
  • Perfumed body spray
  • Fresh and sweet smelling roses
  • Affordable
  • Available worldwide (online)
  • Travel friendly

    Cons :

  • The packaging states it’s Extremely flammable

Overall experience : it stays on my clothes for entire day, that’s enough for me, the fragrance is very sweet and tempting, perfect for rose lovers.

FBB ratings : 4.5/5


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