Yardley London Red Roses perfumed Talc 

  Price : 145/- 250g


Description : if you love talc, yardley provides wide range of perfumed talc. This one is red roses, there is no doubt in the quality of the product, they are in the market since 1770 I guess the oldest of all the products I’ve used!! the fragrance is exactly like fresh red roses and the talc is not at all chalky or leaves white residue, perfect to apply on the body in summers, it helps to keep to skin dry, however at the same time doesn’t dries out the skin. The talc is white in colour. 

Pros :

  • Beautiful fragrance (sweet) 
  • Can be applied anywhere on the body I tried on the face it did not effect me (as I have oily skin I applied it after my bb cream to give it a matte look)
  • Travel friendly 
  • Affordable 
  • Available worldwide 

Cons : 

  • The fragrance lasts only 3-4 hours 

Overall experience : if you’re a regular talc user this product may take your heart, smells like your in a garden filled with red roses, very fresh, rich quality of the product. It’s slightly strong while applying but later it becomes Sutle. As its already summers in Mumbai this product keeps me fresh.

FBB ratings : 4.5/5


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