Royal mirage original body spray 

Royal miraj is a product of UAE, the land of fragrances, very reputed brand. it’s a refreshing perfume and body spray, for those who prefer a slightly stronger fragrances they may like this product. The fragrance is a rich blend of flowers and wood, it smells more like a perfume, as the name says.   

 Price : 310/- (prices may vary online depending on the website you choose)

Description : it’s more like a woody, flowery fragrance, very strong, rich and smells very Royal. Gymmers are going to love it as they always prefer stronger deodorant/body spray, for mild fragrance lovers this product can be a turn off 

    Pros :

  • Very strong 
  • Woody/flowery fragrance 
  • It’s more like a perfume 
  • Made in UAE
  • Lasts all day long 
  • Available online
  • Travel friendly 

    Cons :

  • Not available everywhere 
  • Extremely flammable ( as written on the package)

Overall experience : as I keep travelling it’s very easy for me to carry products which are perfume body spray, rather than carrying my perfume bottle as there is a constant risk of breakage. Coming on the fragrance part, absolutely divine, very Royal and very rejuvenating the best part it stays all day long on my clothes. As I always spray on my clothes. 

FBB ratings : 5/5


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