Valentines gifting ideas!! 

It’s not necessary to celebrate or give gifts on Valentine’s Day to prove your love, but any girl would love getting pampered on the day of love!! As a girl I’ve come up with 12 gifting ideas your girl would love to have!! 

1. Body shop gift hampers : most girls love body shop product, I’m sure she would this, there is also a option of choosing the products individually according to her needs and then making it a gift hamper, she is going to love it!!! 


2. Flowers with her favourite chocolate : whether your on a tight budget or not, flowers and chocolate never fail, every women on the planet loves flowers and chocolate!! 


3. Make her a meal : whether your a chef or not, the very idea of you making her meal is going to melt her all away, even if you don’t live together you can make her favourite food and pack it up to give her!! 


4. Dinner date : can’t do the cooking at all???? Just ask her out for a dinner date, prefer a restaurant which is very calm and gentle enough for long loving conversations!! 


5. Perfect day for marriage proposal : this would be a dream come true for any girl!! Propose her by giving her a perfect ring or the Indian way make her meet your parents to confirm the big plan! 


6. Go shopping : guys don’t ever think of shopping alone!! Thinking she will like the clothes you get, most women won’t even wear it, grab her along, let her choose whatever she wants. 

7. Plan with her to her favourite travel destination : either gift her the tickets or plan it according to her schedule, this is so awesome!!   


8. Movie time : romantic movie can be another option to consider if you two are movie lovers 


9. Diamond earrings : if your budget is high, get a daimond studs or earrings! 


10. Hair equipment : know your girl 1st before your jump into buying this! Does she style her hair often? Like straightening or curling? know what she needs, women love beauty products! Blow dryer/hair curler/hair straightener can be a good option. 



11. Hand made love card : what could be better than this, any women would just love this. Check out Pinterest there are tons of ideas! 


12. Get inked!! : before getting inked make sure your going to marry her, you don’t want unwanted trouble later in life!! You can ink her name, your anniversary date or even a couple tattoo!!


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