Mac matte mehr lipstick 

  This shade comes in my most wanted list. Mac has always been one of my favourite lipstick brand, this is a very Subtle shade, it’s soft pinkish shade, really pretty colour, it’s perfect for people who don’t want to go too loud, this shade would go perfect on work, college, etc really light and sober on the face. 

Price : 1450/-

Description : the name is matte mehr, it’s a matte lipstick yet it’s very smooth and moisturing texture at the same time it looks matte on the lips, makes my lips appear fuller and bigger!! 

Overall experience : as you can see the lipstick has been used a lot, I really love the shade, it blends well with my skin tone, makes me appear prettier, love Mac, if you have similar skin tone this shade can work wonders for you! 

Swatches : (no editing at all to show you the exact colour of the lipstick)   


 Edit FBB ratings : 5/5


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