Clean and clear, clear fairness face wash 

This face wash was recommended by most of the reputed blogs, I had to give it a try, I’m amazed with this product, this face wash is specially designed for oily skin, it says on the packaging, oil free- won’t clog pores, this is the perfect face wash for sensitive/oily skin or may be the most ideal face wash to use during summers, as summers are always oily, sticky and filled with humidity especially in Mumbai, this can tackle all it. 

Price :  105/- 80g 

Description : the company claims, it’s breakthrough formula is proven to reveal naturally bright, fairer skin, the vitamin rich cherry rich formula instantly enhances skin’s natural fair tone, while the unique pure rice oil control system help control oil and prevents it from returning for fairness that lasts. This product belongs to Johnson and Johnson which is a reputed company. 

Directions : to be squeezed on wet Palm, as a rich lather is formed gently massage all over the face and rinse it off throughly. 

Packaging : I really like the packaging, this is super cute and girly, pink is my favourite, and those cherries are really appealing, perfect cute little packaging! 

Pros :

  • Instantly makes skin fairer 
  • Cleans very well 
  • Lathers well
  • Removes oil 
  • Prevents acne 
  • Perfect solution for oily skin 

Cons : 

  • Only for oily skin 

Overall experience : as I have oily skin, it’s perfect for me, satisfying product, it actually makes me appear fairer after the wash, I’ve used a couple of times now, face becomes oil free and clearer. If you have oily skin issues this is the face wash for you! 

FBB ratings : 5/5


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