Studiowest delicate jasmine deodorant Body spray 

Price : 185/- 150ml 

I’m in love with studiowest range of deodorants body spray, this is a delicate jasmine fragrance. If you love jasmine fragrance, then this is the product for you, I donot agree with its name delicate jasmine, this is a strong scented deodorant and I love to use strong scented in the gym! And it last pretty long. 

Description : delicate jasmine fragrance, it’s pretty strong, after application there is a boost of jasmine fragrance all over the body, feels fresh, I donot apply strong fragrances on my skin as they have higher alcohol content, as I have sensitive skin, The product Lasts for hours. 

Packinging : i really like the packaging of the product, very feminine and cute! 

Pros : 

  • Very strong 
  • Lasts for hours
  • Affordable 
  • Available in all westside stores 
  • It’s deodorant and body spray 

Cons : 

  • Did not find any 

Overall experience : i really like this product, the fragrance is so beautiful and fresh, I’m glad i got it, i usually prefer fragrances not too strong not too mild, however this product took my heart away! It’s perfect for gym hours, or for any sort of adventure activities etc!! Works perfect with me.

FBB rating : 5/5


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