Patanjali kesh kanti hair cleanser with milk protein 

I love shampoos from patanjali as they have herbal products, the best part is they don’t even call it shampoo they name it ‘hair cleanser’ the very idea of using herbal products on hair is very relaxing, as I want my hair to look good today and Tomorrow, from tomorrow I mean when I get older, herbal products which are made from nature are good for hair, body and skin and there is no doubt in that.  

   Price : 95/- 200ml 

Description : this product is for dry and rough hair, it’s made from milk protein which helps to nourish hair and makes it softer, it’s made with Ayurvedic herbs, it contains vit-e which is also impressive. The shampoo is white in colour. 

Directions : apply 2-5 ml on wet hair, massage gently and wash it off with water. 

    Pros :

  • Herbal hair cleanser 
  • Contains Ayurvedic herbs 
  • Affordable 
  • Makes hair softer/healthier 
  • Contains milk protein 
  • Vit-e (which is very good for your hair)
  • Amazing fragrance 

     Cons : 

  • Not available world wide 

(Tip – whenever you use herbal shampoo don’t forget to use a conditioner for best results)

Overall experience : I have coloured hair and curly hair so I always have issues with dry rough hair, this product just shocked me! After shampoo it was softer, smoother and shinier, I was actually amazed with the quality of the product, so far my favourite shampoo!! 

FBB Ratings : no doubt 5/5


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