Birthday outfit inspiration OOTD

 I’m wearing a regular stripes t-shirt with my favourite boyfriend jeans, rolled up to intensify the visibility of my brand new glittery shoes! It’s a bright sunny day hence the shoes are not looking so shiny, but trust me they are very glittery.

Birthday outfit advise : it’s your day wear whatever your heart desire, skip the fashion
rules!  I love back surprises, this t-shirt comes with a huge cut from the back, makes me feel sexy!

My outfit was completed with this huge white bag with golden studs to carry my birthday presents! And yes those rey bans were definitely a must have.

 Never forget to accessories well on ripped jeans to get that street look! There is a serious big hole on my jeans, Oopps!!

  This picture is dedicated For all my followers from around the world!!

     Outfit details : 

  • Top- westside
  • Jeans- ONLY
  • Shoes- westside
  • Watch- d’esigner
  • Ring to wrist bracelet- Globus
  • Bracelet – Aldo
  • Shelly Neckpeice- gifted by parents

     Makeup details : 

  • BB cream- garnier
  • Compac – Mac
  • Bronzer – loreal
  • Blush – Mac
  • Lipstick – maybelline

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