Studiowest honey and strawberry doedorant body spray 

I got this doedorant body spray from studio west, this was the 1st time to try out from this brand. It’s actually west-side brand I’m sure most Indians are aware of this brand.
Mostly doedorant don’t come fruity, this was really sweet it forced me to get it.  

  Price : 185/-

Description : its a blend of strawberry and honey, you can actually smell both, it smells really fruity and yummy, it’s a very different fragrance which is very attractive. the company claims it lasts for hours. 
      Pros : 

  • Amazing fragrance 
  • Lasts upto 4-5 hours 
  • Affordable 
  • West side product 

   Cons : 

  • Westside should be world wide

Directions : shake well before use, to be sprayed from a distance of 15cm, let the product dry completely before wearing clothes. 
Overall experience : completely satisfied, i really love the very idea of honey and strawberry combination, in love with the fragrance, lasts couple hours and it’s so affordable. West side always have unique collection of clothes, I’m glad they came up with their fragrance collection. I’m definitely gonna try other deodorant too. 

FBB ratings : 5/5


5 thoughts on “Studiowest honey and strawberry doedorant body spray 

  1. Hello I have been to discuss kala ghoda branch at colab a in Mumbai I have been 3-4 time display month to get down do but I have not get down strawberry nd honey and the cucumber and aloe dey have just two of them jasmine nd leaner I will b oblige if u go through discount or let me no were can I get online thanku


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