12 best Tips for clear skin 

Whether it’s acne, dark spots, wrinkles, oily skin or other skin issues every women fights her own battle to have a clearer skin and beautiful face, at this stage of development where display picture means the world for some women, everyone dreams to have that perfect picture face. To achieve that I’ve got few tips which can help you get beautiful clearer skin. 


1. Drink water : drinking water is not only helpful for your face but also for you hair, nails, and body weight. A minimum of 1-2 ltr of water is a must. Most celebrities secret to clearer skin is water! 


2. Use less makeup : makeup is really tempting and makes you look really pretty but it won’t make you look pretty after few years, researchers believe people who use more makeup tend age faster than people who don’t. Of course you can’t quit makeup but don’t make it a every day habit. 


3. Wash you face before sleeping : that’s the worst mistake you could make, it’s an open invitation to acne and bad skin issues, always wash your makeup before sleeping. Your skin too needs oxygen. Always opt for organic products, use fruit based night cream etc during night. 


4. Use products according to your skin type : know your skin type and use face moisturiser or lotions according your skin needs. You don’t want to stress out your skin using wrong products which will end up having you acne. 


5. Exercising : many women underestimate the power of workout, only a 15min cardio or any sort of exercise can’t get you healthy glowing skin.


6. SPF : avoid sun exposure during 10-4 as the sun is at its peak during this period, however if you still have work during this time, make sure you have well protection use a spf more than 15 with UV Protection, that’s still not enough don’t forget to re-apply it after 3 hours, and it’s important to use a wide brime hat of a umbrella.


7. Wash your face after a workout :  it’s very important to clean that sweat, as sweat and makeup clog the pores and get you acne. If you have body acne issues you need to take shower right after a workout. 

8. Power of salicylic : get face wash which has salicylic as the key ingredient. Or any salicylic wash as it dries out oily skin and prevents acne. It’s best product for acne prone skin. Mostly available in medical stores. 

9. Quit smoking : if your a smoker, bad news is smoking not only effects your lungs it has a direct impact on your face, you are more likely to age faster, it also makes the skin duller and lifeless. 


10. Green tea : it’s packed with anti oxidants, there are many Benefits of green tea, skip your tea/coffee and go green for that ageless beauty.   


11. Be a sleeping beauty : sleeping at least 7 hours can make your skin stress free and full of life. 


12. Get rid of dark spots : use retino -a cream only over your dark spots it’s guaranteed to give you results with 2 weeks of regular use.

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