Patanjali beauty cream 

Hello every one!! 

Today’s review is on Patanjali beauty cream. I’ve been using it since a month, before I could share it. I use this as my base cream before applying my BB cream or as a day cream. Let’s get started 


Description : it’s a beauty cream, the company claims, it enhance ones natural beauty and provides healthy glow to the skin. It’s a thick cream. Only a pea size is enough to apply on the entire face. I use this as a daily cream. It makes my face look fresher. It’s made with Ayurvedic herbs, but not that effective. Not really satisfied with the cream. 

     Pros : 

  • For all skin types 
  • Does not makes my skin look oily after application 
  • Made with Ayurvedic herbs 

    Cons :

  • Not much is written on the packaging 
  • Base materials are either written in Hindi or scientific words
  • Doesn’t really gives glow as the company claims.

Overall experience : not satisfied by the cream. Yet better than chemical based beauty creams. Did not work well with me. 

Will I re-purchase it? No. I would try other Patanjali products. 

FBB ratings : 3/5 


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