Jergens original scent (cherry almond moisturiser) 

Hello girls!! 

Today’s review is on jergens original cherry almond scent moisturiser. I got this recently. As jergens is one of the most reputed brands. My mother always used this product. It’s been in the market since years and i wanted to give it a go. So let’s get started. 

   Price : 590/- 400ml 

Description : the company claims to transform dry skin into soft, it has a timeless formula for 24hr moisturization. It’s made with a rich blend of moisturisers that help to soften skin, and has a cherry almond scent. It’s made in United Arab Emirates. It has a a thick censistency. Hydrates skin well. Doesnt needs to be re-applied unless your washing it off. Beautiful tempting scent. Love the fragrance. 

 Directions : can be applied anywhere on the body. Company claims that it Hydrates for 24 hrs. It’s for all skin types. 

(Tip : always apply moisturiser right after a warm shower to lock in moisture in the skin)

     Pros : 

  • Very hydrating 
  • Thick moisturiser 
  • Softens skin 
  • Good for winters 
  • Amazing fragrance 
  • Absorbs as soon as applied 
  • For all skin types 

     Cons : 

  • Not available everywhere/ (can get it online)

Overall experience : nice moisturiser, non- greasy nature which I like, almonds and cherries are always my favourite. Pump bottle is hygienic and easy to use. Simple packaging. Travel friendly, however I always prefer smaller packagings to save extra space. Mild fragrance. Happy to get it! 

FBB ratings : 4.5/5


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