OOTD casual look 

Hello girls, today’s ootd is on casual look, this look is inspired by my bff Surabhi pisal. This is a simple yet very useful look of the day. I always love wearing shirt, quite an inspiration from her! Have a look! 

Pictures of Surabhi pisal   

The check shirts are in trend from a while. I really love the colour contrasts of the shirt. The interesting part about this shirt that it’s a crop shirt. The shade of the jeans is so ideal for the shirt. 

I also appreciate her pony tail it gives a fair amount of attention to her outfit. Brown belt have always been classic and goes with every outfit.

 A Pout with confidence. I really adore the attitude while getting herself pictured! 

(Tip – watever you wear don’t forget to wear your confidence)


Ring is so classic! Love the design, always been a stunner. The design is inspired by Ancient Greek jewellery which makes it so special. 


These kitty shoes are the cutest!!!! I mean how cute right? For all cat lovers out ther, this is a must have!! 

     Wardrobe details : 

  • Crop Shirt- vero moda
  • Belt- only
  • Kitty shoes- chumbak
  • Jeans- nuon
  • Watch- aldo
  • Ring- only

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