Patanjali kesh kanti natural hair cleanser

Hello girls!! 

This review is for people who love to stay natural and organic, I always prefer products with fewer amount of chemicals, the natural the better. My next articles are going to be on patanjali products as lately I’ve got a couple of products from them, I’ve been using this for about 2 months. so let’s get started!

    Price : 70/- 200ml 

Description : the company claims to reduce hair fall, improve hair quality and makes hair softer and healthy. It’s made from amla, reeta, heena, tulsi, neem, haldi and many more things; these were my favourites. It’s a really thick shampoo. The colour of the shampoo is brown which I just love it, I’m so done with white coloured chemical filled shampoo, it was a relief to use a shampoo so herbal and earthly. 

Directions : to be applied on wet hair, massage it for a couple of minutes and rinse it off with water. 

    Pros :

  • Less chemicals 
  • Reduced hair fall 
  • Made my hair healthy 
  • Mild fragrance 
  • Affordable 
  • Made with Indian Ayurvedic herbs 
  • Travel friendly 

   Cons : 

  • I did not find any!!

Overall experience : the best thing I love about this shampoo that it’s made from natural products which are truly good for your hair. Its a nice product, made my hair healthy! And the hair fall is also under control, worked for me. I always use a conditioner after shampoo as I already have dry hair, herbal shampoo tends to get your hair slightly dry. 

Will I re-purchase it? : yes, very convincing. 

FBB rating : 5/5


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