Patanjali aloe Vera gel 

Hello girls!! 
Today I’m gonna be reviewing aloe vera gel, it’s really good for the skin, hair and health. After a lot of research I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the best aloe vera gel available in the market, lately I’m a fan of pantanjali products because of their good quality of the product, after using it for a month I’m reviewing this product. So let’s get started 


Benifits of aloe vera on skin :

  • Prevents premature ageing 
  • Moisturises 
  • Perfect for oily/acne prone skin 
  • Soothes sunburnt skin 
  • Reduces sun tan 
  • Helps healing small wounds and insect bites

Price : 80/- 150ml   

If you prefer to go completely natural buy a aloevera plant, otherwise this is the BEST aloe vera gel available in the market as it has 90% of aloe vera in it.

Directions : Apply generously before bed, massage it for a couple of minutes till your skin soaks all of the product. Wash it off in the morning. You can also use it for a couple of hours and wash it off. 

Description : The company claims, its for removal of pigmented spots and to increase one’s natural beauty. It has 90% of aloe Vera content which makes it so special. 

Overall experience : I really love this product, I would recommend it to every women. This is definitely a must have, aloe vera has tons of benifits. My skin feels more softer, fresher and brighter after using it. pantanjali never focuses on the outer appearance of the product, most of their product appearance is very simple however their quality content is more appealing to me. 

Will I re-purchase it? This aloe gel is amazing will buy it again. 

Overall rating : 5/5


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