Overnight beauty tips to wakeup as a princess 

Hello girls!!

As we all are princess and wear our invisible crown, how’ver to feel like a princess we need some beauty pampering, these overnight beauty tips can help you achieve your goal, let’s get started!!

1. Coconut oil : for some reason this oil has tons of beauty benefits, rub some coconut oil on your cuticles for softer and stronger nails.If consumed, coconut oil is good for your health, nails and hair


2. Face mask : invest in a good moisturising face mask as the mask will help you to retain your face moisture and can get you youthful, softer, glowing face! 


3. Softer hands : slather some hand cream and go to bed wearing cotton gloves which help you to sink in the moisture in your hands,  which makes them softer and younger looking!  


4. Beautiful feet : apply some generous amount of cream on your feets, sleep wearing a pair of Santa socks and see the difference tomorrow!! 


5. Longer lashes : who doesn’t like big long lashes, there are many good eye lashes gel available how’ver some may work some may not, and can be pricey, apply castor oil for long fuller lashes with the help of a q tip (ear buds) it may take few weeks to get visible results.


6. Less wrinkles : apply vitamin E cream around the eyes to get rid of those wrinkles and dry puffy eyes. Open your eyes with fresher looking eyes. Learn to make eye serum at home through my DIY eye serum 


7. Better hair  : using a satin pillow cover can help you to reduce amount of hair fall and untangling of hair as the hair tends to slip due to the slippery soft fabric. (Tie a loose braid before sleeping to avoid breakage and tangling of hair) 


8. Moisturised lips : lips are the one most attractive feature of a women get baby lips by applying a good lip butter and wakeup pouting!! 💋


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