7 ways to look slimmer in clothes 

Hello girls,
Wether your are a size 0 or 10 these tips can help you look slimmer, however; size is just a number and remember “Beauty lies within” 

1. Jackets : a slim fit jacket, shrug, over coat, open shirt can help you appear inches smaller! 

2. Dark shades : Opt for darker shades as they help in giving a slimmer appearance especially on your thighs and legs, colours like dark blue, black hide those cellulite! 


3. Heels : they help you appear leaner and toned, wear as much as your comfortable in, wearing heels force you to keep your posture straight, also the legs look leaner, (if you can’t wear heels opt for a stylish wedge) 


4. Superwoman : use a corset/ shaper under a pretty dress to look hot and inches slimmer, most celebrities use them! 


5. VERTICAL : Opt for vertical prints, designs, lines as they also help you look slimmer than you actually are!


6. SIZE : wear well fitted clothes, DONT wear too tight or too loose, just those who fits perfectly and flatter your size. 


7. Mysterious women : wearing a black outfit can help you look super stylish, mysterious and will help you appear slimmer. 


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