What is a bronzer?

Hello girls, today I’m gonna be talking all about bronzing so keep reading!! This article is for people who are new to makeup and also for them who are looking forward to learn more about bronzing. 

What is the work of a bronzer? 

A bronzer helps in creating a illusion of a toned cheek bone and jawline. It helps you appear sunkissed and reveals your face features. The face tends to look more prettier if you use a bronzer as well as blush, the combination can make you appear more appealing and beautiful. You can notice bronzers are used by most of the celebrities let’s have a look.

 Kim Kardashian  If you notice kim has bronzed as well as used blush with a lot of contouring.

 Miranda Kerr Miranda has used bronzer to highlight her cheek bone that’s how she is looking so sculpted yet very bold here!! She is one of my favourite model!!!


How to choose the perfect bronzer? Get a bronzer which is two tones darker than your skin tone, you can always keep the bronzer next to your face and check in the store before buying. I personally like matte bronzer as I feel they work better for me. 
How to apply a bronzer? The best part of makeup is you can do whatever you like. There are no strict rules as long as your looking good with it. 

Steps for perfect bronzing :

  • Apply primer- (if you don’t have a primer use any good face moisturiser, if you have oily skin opt for oil free product)
  • Foundation/BB cream will also work 
  • Concealer – you can skip this step if you want 
  • Compac powder (apply all over your face)
  • Bronzer- now apply bronzer on your cheek bone, jawline, forehead and nose. (You can apply only on the the cheek bone if you don’t want to look sunkissed) dust the excess bronzer from your brush before applying as you don’t want to look too dark on your cheeks. 
  • Blush – apply on the apples of the cheek 

These were the perfect steps of face makeup and bronzing, do try it to look glamorous. I personally Use makeup only for special days. I love my skin and don’t like to look fake everyday. Love your skin, love your face!  Remember everyday makeup is harmful for your skin and may lead to ageing of skin faster. 

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