How to reduce belly fat!!  

Hello FBBiebers, who doesn’t like a flat tummy, it may sound really tuff but it can be really easy if you just have the determination. Today I’m gonna be sharing my secrets of flat tummy! Personally Tried Tested & Achieved.

1. Running : running regularly helps in reducing all over body fat, reduces stress, makes your skin glow. Running atleast 20-40 min a day can get you the body of your dreams.


2. Drink water : every one says drink plenty of water and it may sound really boring and is usually ignored, but if you religiously drink 3 litres of water daily you will notice a drastic change in your body. If you’re too bored of drinking water you can always try detox water/flavoured water.


3. Ab workout : there are tons of abs workout to try for begginers go ahead and try them and you will burn that extra fat within weeks 


4. Healthy Diet : good body comes with good food, engage yourself into fresh fruits and veggitables rather than munching on mc’donalds, high sugar coffee and fried food, avoid oil as much as you can.


5. Say NO to sugar : if you really wanna look like a sweety, skip sweets! Of course you can have cheat meals once a week but make sure you avoid sugar those 6 days. 


6. Say YES to green tea : drinking green tea has tons of benifits. It’s most effective when you drink green tea after 30 min of your meal. 


7. Have 6 meals a day : sounds interesting to all food lovers right? These meals include all sorts of healthy food (home made meals) having 6 small meals a day will help you digest your food faster will boost your metabolism and will get you a flatter stomach. people some where believe that getting a flat stomach means starving yourself, That ain’t true girl! it only means eating right and living a healthy lifestyle. 


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