12 ways to grow your nails longer and stronger 


Big beautiful nails is a dream for most of women but due to these common mistakes it cracks and breaks. These small mistakes can be easily resolved and you can get long, beautiful and strong nails you always wanted. 

1. Drink plenty of water :  water is the key ingredient for every thing, whether is shiny hair, glowing skin, toned stomach or strong nails. Drink plenty of water to have attractive nails.  

2. Don’t use your nails as tools : most women use nails as kitchen tools causing it to break, works like scrapping sticker, opening a container should be strictly avoided. Wear rubber gloves while washing dishes 

3. Eat healthy food : the ultimate secret of any beauty goddess is her diet. Good nutrition is the only ‘secret’ Plenty of fruits and fresh vegetables are required to look and feel beautiful.  

4. Apply nourishing base coat : apply two coats of a good nourishing base coat so that it becomes thicker and less prone to chipping/ breaking 


5. Nail oil : to make your nails stronger apply a good quality nail oil before going to bed.


6. No fakeness : avoid puffing off your natural nails to apply fake nails, it will only make them thinner and more prone to breaking. 


7. Avoid bitting : don’t bite your nails no matter water bitting makes cracks in your nails. Don’t ever bend it or play around with it!! Chew gum, wear gloves while watching tv, ask you family members to slap your hand when you chew on your nails!   

8. muli-vitamins : have multi- vitamins tablets as prescribed by your doctor it will not only get you healthy nails but beautiful hair and face! 


9. Avoid too much of nails paint : let your nails breathe for atleast a day or two before you apply  polish again. 


10. Protein intake : increase your protein intake in your diet, foods like chicken, egg are good sources of protein. if your a vegan you can consume soya milk, soya bean, chia seeds (falooda seeds) Indian cottage cheese (paneer) nuts, legumes etc. 


11. File in round shape : filling your nails in round shape will increase its life as filing in square shape breaks easily.


12. Keep your nails clean : use natural way to clean your nails take a half of lemon squeeze it’s juice and rub well on your nails, it will clean your nails and make it stronger. Avoid nail polish removers to clean your nails as they make nails thinner and weaker.


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