Winter skin care routine 

Hello girls, 

Winters arrive with happiness, joy, festivals, family gatherings, friends re-union and much more. it’s becomes more important to takecare of the skin, today I’m gonna be sharing winter skin care routine.

 MOISTURIZATION : as this is the most basic skin care routine yet can be the most important of all. Religiously Moisturising your skin is very good habbit to follow. The best time to lock in moisture in your skin is right after a warm shower.      

HAND CARE : as they tend to become really dry and flaky, buying a good hand cream is the best gift you could give your hands. Apply hand cream after every wash helps you to keep your hands soft and moisturised.  

SAY NO TO LONG SHOWERS : i think a long hot shower is what every one wants after a long hectic day, but it may cost your skin. As long warm/hot shower can strip off all of your skin’s natural moisture and makes your skin more dryer. A shower should be not more than 10 min.   

HAPPY FEET : for softer beautiful feet apply a good moisturiser, massage it for a minute or two then wear a pair of socks and go to bed, and the morning will bless you with soft hydrated feet.  

HAIR CARE : if your hair is dry, apply a pea size of olive oil on your hair to make it look well nourished and shiny. If applying oil to your hair creeps you out, use any hair serum.   

NIGHT CREAM : investing in a good moisturising night cream can be a wise descion. The care you give your skin in the night will reward you in the morning. Your skin will absorb  moisture in night and the skin will look youthful and moisturised in the morning. If you have oily skin use a oil free product.


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