8x anti dandruff shampoo 

Hello everyone!! 

Today I’m reviewing 8x anti dandruff shampoo. As I was going through a dandruff trauma I was suggested by a friend to use this product. I’m very happy to share this amazing shampoo with you guys! So let’s get started 


Description : it’s a turquoise coloured shampoo. Works well for people with heavy dandruff problems. Usually suggested by dermatologist. It works miraculously, within a single wash you will notice a huge difference!! 


Directions : apply like a regular shampoo wait for 2-3 min then wash it off with water. I prefer using a conditioner after this shampoo as your hair will feel slightly on a dryer side. 


     Pros :

  • Works efficiently 
  • Lathers well 
  • Affordable 
  • Available in most medical stores 

      Cons : 

  • No fragrance 
  • packaging could have been better 

Overall experience : the product satisfied me beyond my expectations, really nice shampoo, 2 washes was enough to make my scalp clean. 

Will I re-purchase it? : yes, if I need a anti dandruff shampoo then it’s gotta be this. 

FBB Rating : 5/5 


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