Garnier white complete 

Today I’m reviewing on garnier white complete cream. Garnier is a good brand and their products are always satisfying. They also provide some good mens products which is appealing. I think most Indian women have brown to dark skin tone and we prefer fairer skin complexion. There is no cream or product which can change the skin tone you were born with, how’ver we can enchance it with few trusted products. 
Ive been using garnier White complete from a month now, it claims to brighten the skin, sadly it doesn’t really change your skin tone but it does have visible fairness once you have applied the cream and last till you wash your face. That is enough for me. I don’t expect much from any product as I barely trust them! But this cream genuinely makes your skin look 2 times brighter and fairer. Which enables the product to enter in my favourite’s list 

As I have oily skin I need a cream which moisturise well, does not cause acne and doesn’t make me look oily. This cream prevents all these problems. And it also protects your skin as it has 19 SPF.

This tip is for people who don’t like makeup 

(Tip-Apply garnier White complete cream, then  use a matte compac powder matching your skin tone for instant fairness and makeup free look)


 Price– 160/- 


       PROS :

  • Light on the skin 
  • Moisturising 
  • Matte effect 
  • Instant 2 times brighter skin tone 
  • Can be used by people who don’t like makeup 
  • Can be used by Normal to oily skin 
  • Doesn’t cause acne/breakouts 
  • Affordable 
  • Cute packaging 


  • SPF is too less to protect skin from harmful sun rays 
  • It doesn’t really makes skin fairer it works only till the application 

FBB Rating: 4/5

Will i re-purchase it? Yes it suits my skin and fulfills my no-makeup needs. Do give it a try!! 


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