Hello girls,

Today’s outfit is inspired by Indian wear. It’s a long kurti with a huge cut in the middle. I really this turquoise shade which a quite in trend for a while, these soft floral prints helps in enhancing the look. This kurti comes under Indian wear however it looks quite stylish. The outfit doesn’t needs any accessories as there are princess cut set of buttons in the front. To complete the look I just added a watch. And a ethnic Indian silver anklet. The best part of this outfit that it’s very comfortable and unique design. Can be worn in any place. 


A plain black leggings is too boring and predictable hence I opted these leggings which has leather strips and black studs on it. It balances the look and makes me feel special!! 

A bow black bellies looked fabulous and cudnt replace them. 

(Tip- bow or basic black bellies goes well with almost every outfit)

     Outfit details:

  1. Kurti- style boutique (Vashi)
  2. Leggings- style boutique 
  3. Watch – designer 
  4. Anklet- gifted ☺️


  1. BB cream- garnier 
  2. Eyeliner- maybelline 
  3. Lipstick- two shades are mixed! 

Hope this look inspires you to be a desi diva, happy ootd to you! 


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