How to get rid of Dandruff?

What is dandruff? 
Dandruff is a common skin problem that causes white or grey flakes of dead skin to appear in the scalp.The flakes are often noticeable if they fall from your scalp on to your shoulders. Your scalp may also feel dry and very itchy. This can be unpleasant and embarrassing. Dandruff range can from mild to severe.

     Causes of dandruff :

  1. Over use of hair products 
  2. Washing hair too often (over washing hair with shampoo can irritate the scalp and cause dandruff)
  3. Not washing hair regularly 
  4. Too hot weather condition 
  5. Too cold 
  6. Emotional stress 

I think this is the most common problem with womens and most of us are always struggling with it. As winter are in, my scalp was filled with dandruff, and hence I came across this method of anti dandruff. It helped me reduce a lot from my scalp. I’m using lemons as they have acidic properties and balances the scalps ph level, removing dandruff efficiently. 

    Ingredients :

  1. Lemon 
  2. Coconut oil

 Method :  take 1-2 fresh lemon and mix it’s juice with 3-4 tablespoon of coconut oil then apply generously all over your scalp. Make sure you apply on your roots, it might feel tingly, itchy but that’s normal. Wash it off with a anti dandruff shampoo after 40min. 

You will definitely notice good results within one wash, to eradicate dandruff completely you need to follow this process atleast 2 times a week. 

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