Nivea pearl and beauty 

Hello girls!!

Today I’m reviewing Nivea pearl and beauty deodorant. The name has it all, it’s a quite a attractive name, the product claims “beautiful underarms” who doesn’t want it? Nivea has always been my favourite when it comes to deodorants I’ve been always using their deodorants I guess I’ve tried most of them. For some reason I really like this one. It’s fragrance lasts pretty long, they claim that the product lasts for 48hours, I’ve never been without a shower for so long how’ver it does last for 24 hours.  

 Price– 190 

Discription : can be applied directly on the skin. its slightly powdery, smells flowery and fresh, beautiful fragrance. underarms appears whitish after application because of the powder content in the product last for 24 hours (tried and tested) it may last longer as the product claims so. 

Packaging : cute packaging, baby pink colour is quite girly and cute, really like their tag line “beautiful underarms”

Overall experience : i have sensitive skin and it suits me. I’m happy using this product 

FBB rating : 5/5 it did not give me any complaint so far 

Will I re-purchase it? : suits my skin perfectly. definitely, will buy it again. If a new deodorant is launched I would try it too. 



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