DIY makeup remover! 

A makeup remover is such an essential part of womenhood. No matter how many makeup removers we stock it’s gonna get over and we need more and more! and I think most of us spend a lot on them. For some reason I never owned a makeup remover the very idea of cleansing face with tons of harmful chemicals freaks me out. I always used coconut oil/ olive oil as my makeup remover! Today I’m sharing the easiest way to make your very own makeup remover in less than 15min! and requires only 2 ingredients. This makeup remover can be used to cleanse eyes makeup as well. 

Benefits of home made makeup remover:

  • No chemicals
  • Free of cost 
  • Good for your skin 

Things you need:

  • Olive oil/coconut oil 
  • Rose water (optional) you can also use filtered water 
  • Cotton roll/Cotton pads 
  • Scissors 
  • Bowl or wide mouth glass to dip the cotton 
  • wide mouth jar or similar to store 
  • Cute ribbon or a cloth to accessories (optional)


Step 1 : cut cotton into square or round shapes, the amount of cotton required depends on your container size. 

Step 2 : now in a glass add some rose water and olive oil, 3 parts of olive oil and one part of rose water. 

Step 3 : now dip half of your cotton pads in the glass and squeeze out excess mixture, then place it in the container. (I’m dipping only half of the cotton pads because dipping full will make it too wet, and I always require dry cotton too to cleanse my face well) 

Tie a cute ribbon or a cloth to make it look super cute!! 



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