DIY Anti Ageing Eye cream 

Hello girls! Remember age is just a number. How’ver we still need to to take good care of ourselves! And a good eye cream is a must. 

Why you need eye cream?: eye cream is important as eyes are the 1st organ to show signs of ageing, it becomes necessary to take good care of them as early as you can. Moisturising your eyes well keep the skin well hydrated and keeps fine lines away. As wrinkles and fine lines are caused due to ageing as well as dry puffy skin around your eyes. To keep the skin around your eyes, hydrated and well moisturised you don’t need to spend on expensive eye creams; these two ingredients works wonders and takes hardly 5 min, That is coconut oil and Vit-E

Benifits of making making eye cream:

  • No chemicals on your skin 
  • Affordable 
  • Good for your skin 

Things you need:

  • Coconut oil
  • 5-6 Vit-E
  • Small container 
  • Scissors to cut Vit-e tablet 
  • Tooth pick or something to stir

In a container take coconut oil, take 5-6 tablets cut on one side and squeeze it. Mix it with a tooth pick. You can either keep it wet or freeze it. 

anti ageing eye serum

Directions: use generously around your eyes before sleeping and wash it off next day. You can also use this mixture as your makeup remover. 


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