DIY Candy inspired marble nailart! 

Hello girls, I was following few of nail art pages on Instagram and came across some marble nails, I was so inspired, i decided, that I definitely need to have one! 

Today’s Nail art is inspired by candy! And wanted my nails to look somewhat similar to that. So let’s get started!!

You need these 3 polishes for this look  


  • Nail paints white and pink 
  • Base coat 
  • Top coat 
  • Cello tape to stick to your fingers 
  • Scissor
  • Q tip (ear buds)
  • Old bowl or a cup 
  • Newspaper to protect the surface you’l work at 
  • Nail polish remover 
  • Some Cotton


  1. Apply base coat 
  2. Paint white polish on the fingers you want to do marble paint, I’m doing on my ring fingers and on my left thumb 
  3. Cover your fingers with cello tape so that it’s easier to remove excess paint from your fingers. Make sure your nails are not covered or touched with the tape.
  4. Now get a bowl of water and drop paint on the bowl as close to the surface of the water, pink then white and so on till you get a big round circle. You should get something similar to this.     
  5. Now with a help of a toothpick make design on the nail art either inward or outward I made it inward. Don’t insert the toothpick too much in the water. Keep it just on the top layer. Orelse you’l mess it!    
  6. As soon as you finish with your design, dip your one hand in the bowl and with the help of toothpick or anything similar to that collect the design and set on your nails! (Donot wait for long orelse the paint will dry in water and won’t set on your nails)
  7. Voila!! Your nails are done! Now wait for 2-3 mins then remove your cello tape carefully and apply generous amount of top coat once your nails are completely dry. 
  8. Apply pink polish on remaining nails and top it with top coat.
  9. Marble nails won’t have similar designs on all of your fingers so don’t worry, you don’t need to be perfect! 


Your now eligible to flaunt your stylish nails! 


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