Zara women: 11, Corso vittorio emanuele Milano 

By- Shelja Francis 

Hello girls!

Today’s review is on my favourite brand of clothes that is Zara, I always loved their fashion sense and styling, they have the most unique fashion sense which makes them so special. And I think most of the women love Zara! So I decided to try out their perfume and accessories and got this beautiful bottle of perfume a couple of months back, and completely forgot to review it. But it’s never too late!


Packaging: pink spray bottle, I really love that black pumping bow, there is sliver glittery powder in the bottle and looks so perfect, definitely a ideal gift!!

Price- 1500/- 100ml  

Name- Zara women,

11, coral Vitoria emanuele Milano  

Made in- Spain  


Fragrance type- not too strong, flowery, slightly sweet, subtle  

Lasting- 4-5 hours  

Tip- apply Vaseline then spray on your perfume for it to last longer.    

 Overall experience: I really love the fragrance. Makes me feel like a women, it gives me a strong sense of self-confidence and the bottle is so appealing and symbolizes luxury!

I really love that black pump on spray. Really satisfy me!!!

FBB rating: 4/5 

Will I re- purchase it: yes, once it’s finished I would definitely buy it again!  


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