Bodyshop’s strawberry butter 

Hello everyone!!

As winter is about to come I decided to pamper myself with some body shop shopping, and I got few bodyshop’s products and stawberry butter was one of it. winter is not here but still my skin is already craving hydration, and bodybutter is the only solution as it is extreme moisturising properties, and the best part they are “CRUELTY FREE” when it comes to skin shopping they always satisfy me.
It is suited to all skin types. 


Price- 499/- 50ml

Packaging of the product: for some reason I always prefer good packaging and they always have bright colourful packaging which is appealing to me. The round shaped container with. Picture of stawberry is super cute! 

Product description: it is a thick cream, it’s suited to normal to dry skin, this can also be excellent hand cream. It absorbs quickly into the skin and does not Leav that greasy effect. The fragrance is just divine, I bet you once you own any body butter from bodyshop you will buy it again!

Overall experience: I’ve always been a loyal body shop member, I’m a big fan of their products also because their products smell amazing, so beautiful and fresh, just rejuvenates my mind. It has a sweet smell, If you don’t like strong fragrance this product can be a turnoff as it smells actually like strawberry in the entire room after application. My favourite actress is also their brand ambassador (Jacqueline Fernandez) and I love her!!!  

Overall rating: no doubt 5/5 

Will I re-purchase it: No, once my product is finished  I’m gonna try a different flavoured body butter, but Yes, I would definitely recommend others to give this product a try.  


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