Reviewing max factor creme puff pressed powder 

By-Shelja Francis 

A compac is daily necessity for most of us, I always keep on trying new products and keep some of my favourites are always with me, the newest bestie is this pressed powder from max factor. Max factor has always been a reputed brand and is used popularly in U.K, this product is matte and makes the skin 2-3 tone lighter. And the best part little is enough for the skin.

Price- 750/-


I really love the packaging of this product it has a golden colour from the outside, and sponge is really soft and helps to spread the product evenly all over the face. 

Availability: only selective beauty stores, best option would be online. 

Perfect application rules:

You can also use this product on other body parts. For best results you need to follow 3 rules

1) Primer  

2) Foundation

3) Max factor crème puff pressed powder

This way the makeup will stay longer, how’ver you can always have touch ups. You can always skip the primer however, primer helps the makeup to last longer. 

This product is also a excellent concealer as it hides blemishes, fine lines, dark spots, it can be really helpful for a bad skin day

You can see its texture in the picture below: 

The texture is soft and powdery.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

I would rate it 4.5/5 as it completely satisfy my compac cravings and gives me a cleaner, fairer look. I took off 5 points as I feel it’s it’s not widely available and the company should launch more stores in India! 


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