10 Vaseline hacks!!

By- Shelja Francis

Hello ladies!! always wondered how can a product be useful in so many ways!! So let’s get started It’s a product since ages and is trusted all around the word, it is said that the creator of vaseline even ate a table spoon of it as he claimed it to have healing properties. I’m not sure about eating Vaseline but it definitely been really helpful in many other ways.

10 Vaseline hacks:-

1.To open jammed nail polish bottles: ever thought why does it happen to me only? When your polish bottle refuses to obey the princess? Stop thinking and just grab Vaseline apply on a q tip and rub the opening area of nail polish this way it will open easily and won’t jam again.

2. To soothe cracked heels: apply generous amounts of Vaseline and put a socks and sleep        and in the morning you have soft feet you always dreamed of!

3. As a instant makeup remover: If you run out of makeup remover u can apply Vaseline on your eyes gently massage and with a cotton pad rub it of as it contains less chemicals then a regular makeup remover it’s more wise to use.

4. To groom your eyebrows: Just apply a little amount of Vaseline and then groom it this way it will be set and will get a  Slightly darker finish.

5. As your very own lip scrub:  All you need is a small container add Vaseline in it and add brown sugar or powdered sugar, salt, olive oil with a fork mix them together, and voila! Your very own lip scrub made in 5 min!  and you can use it whenever you want for extra smooth plum lips!!

6. To make your fragrance last longer: Who doesn’t want it? Seriously this is the most awesome use!! Just apply little on ur neck and  wrist and go ahead a spray your favourite perfume trust me it does stay all day long!!

7. To fade away scars: As I had a scar on my hand my family doctor suggested me to moisturise the area as it will     reduce the scar so I started apply Vaseline every single day and trust me it has rescued 3 times, do give it a try.

8. For cracked lips: Apply generous amount of Vaseline at night and morning when you wakeup you’ll feel like a    Pout goddess!! It definitely makes lips soft and kissable ūüíč

9. To make lip balm: Who needs lip balm when you can make it at home? Secret is revealed ladies Grab your old balm container pour in ur Vaseline and a dash of your favourite lipstick mix them up, freeze it for a couple of hours and balm!! you have very own organic lip balm which is good for you lips as it contains less chemicals and the best part you made it yourself without any effort or spending a penny.

10. As a hair gel:- If you want that extra shine in your hair use it as a hair gel, take a small amount on your palm and crunch it up girl to get that shiny hair. I would recommend it only for dry frizzy hair.If you have oily hair, you don’t want it to look more greasy!

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