By- Surabhi pisal 

I am always in lookout for natural hair care products, as being natural is my definition for hair care in true sense! I wanted to purchase argan oil since a long time, and my search was put to an end after I found this soulflower argan oil in home stop at inorbit ,vashi. Girls staying nearby, you may rush :p  

Coldpressed argan pure natural carrier oil. Can be mixed with another essential oil or can be used directly.

Helps regain shine and texture of hair and dandruff control. Rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin as well as heals it. Ideal for dry and damaged skin.


PRICE: ₹ 800

PACKAGING: comes in small brown coloured glass bottle which reminds me of brown bottles used to store chemicals in the lab. It has a black plastic cap and a nozzle at the opening which controls free flowing and spilling of oil.



Argan oil is supposed to make hair shiny and healthy. This product does what it claims, but there are few things I would like to highlight. I actually expected this oil to work like grapeseed oil serum from the body shop, but unfortunately it did not. I seem to love the TBS grapeseed oil serum more than this soulflower argan oil. The argan oil is quite runny and makes hair bit sticky if over applied. I only take 2 drops on my palm and smoothen this oil all over my hair and I am good to go. It does make hair more manageable and less frizzy. It has a mild sweet fragrance which does not stay for more than a minute. I have never used it on my scalp, so I don’t know whether it does anything to the dandruff problem. I use this soulflower oil directly on my hair without mixing it without any other essential oil.

I also use it as follows:

  1. Face massage oil
  2. Apply on face before taking facial steam
  3. Cuticle softener
  4.  Use it on lips
  5.  Mix it with rose oil and apply on face before sleeping as night treatment

I have tried using this oil in many other ways like making DIY lip balms and as an eye makeup remover, according to my experience so far It works better for skin than it does for hair.

Pros of using soulflower argan oil: – 

  • makes hair more manageable and less frizzy
  • nozzle opening controls flow of oil avoiding spilling
  •  can be used as a moisturizer after facial or cleanup
  • makes an excellent facial massage oil
  • lasts a pretty long time
  • Mild sweet scent which is not to over powering.

Cons of using soulflower argan oil: –

  • too much product can make hair oil
  • too expensive as compared to its payback 
  • boring  packaging
  •  it is mentioned “ FOR PERFECT HAIR” but hair does not seem perfect :/



Heck no! I am trying to finish this bottle as soon as possible and I am bored of it now! Overall not a bad product, but it is not worth the price :/ TBS grapeseed oil serum is my favourite and I will continue using it.                                                          



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