6 ingredients that’s secretly causing you allergies 

By-Shelja Francis 

A women’s cosmetic bag have lots of products and to choose which one of them is causing itchiness, rash or a painful acne breakout can be a difficult task, there are around 3700 ingredients that can cause you allergies, meaning they can cause rash or other skin conditions. The more you know about skin care products the better it is for you! Few of them live on the beauty products you use daily. Here are the most common skin irritating ingredients and soothing alternatives  
1.fragrance:- fragrances can cause skin irritation, coughing, wheezing and other respiratory conditions. Fragrance is used under every beauty cream, even with the lable which claims “unscented” as the companies make special chemical fragrance known as masking agents to create the non scent. 


Alternative: if your sensitive to fragrance then opt for “fragrance free” products and do not buy any products which claims fragrance on the label  

2.acids:- Many acid containing products can do more harm than good. This list includes salicylic acid, an oil-soluble beta-hydroxy acid used to treat acne for oily skin; topical retinoids, which normalize skin cell maturation and help promote collagen stimulation; and glycolic acid, a water-soluble alpha-hydroxy acid that is the active ingredient in most chemical peels. “All of these can cause skin irritation, dryness, redness and/or burning if you over-use them. 

Alternative: Consult a dermatologist and follow product usage instructions carefully.. You may need to start with fewer applications and gradually build up to more, as your skin gets accustomed to it or decrease to every other day or every few days to find a level your skin can tolerate. If you have an allergic reaction to a glycolic peel, try a vitamin C or fruit enzyme peel or stick to non-chemical forms of exfoliation like a gentle scrub. Or go completely herbal and try a lemon scrub. 

3.metals:- if your allergic to metals, beware of combalt Which is used in many antiperspirant and light brown hair dyes, other metals which are commonly used in the world of cosmetics are lead, aluminium and chromium 


Alternative: try a patch test of the deodorant or the makeup if no sideffect pertains then you can try on your face. 

4. Sulfates:- this ingredients is commonly used in shampoo, body wash, baby soap, hair colours etc. and can cause eye itchyness, skin rashes, blemishes and can dry out your skin!  



Alternative: check the ingredient list, they are on the top of the list, you can always opt fit organic products, herbal shampoos etc which usually don’t contain such products and is good for your skin. 

5. Essential oil:- It does smell good but it may not be good! Asnatural isn’t better all the time. Some people may be allergic to even to essential oil.  


Alternative: if you sespect that your allergic to essential oil then try to avoid them and check your ingredient list they usually are written separately and is easy to spot and avoid.  
6. Aluminium:- this the used commonly in most of the deodorants available in the market, and caused redness in the armpit area, flaky skin and irritation  

Alternative: try natural deodorants you can also opt for dove sensitive skin antiperspirant it also does a fine job of masking the odour and preventing sweat. it has low levels of aluminium compounds. 

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