Reviewing garnier neem face wash 

By – Shelja Francis 

Face wash is something every girl has it in her pursue, it’s a part of life as we live in a humid and hot climate we have to wash our face atleast 3 times a day, whether a working women or a college girl, or a house wife, our weather conditions push us to use face wash frequently as we have vast product options but this time I tried garnier neem face wash, as garnier is a trusted brand I’ve been using its products from a long time and it has never disappointed me. As we all know neem has many beneficial properties I had to try this new face wash. 

Price:- RS 55/- for 50grams price is genuine 

Ingredients:- have a look at the picture,  
Product usage:-
It is to be used on damp face then massage gently avoiding the eye area.

Product texture:-
 garnier face wash has a runny texture, the colour is light green it’s actually attractive as its a neem face wash, however it doesn’t makes your skin dry, just gives you a clean finish, it’s good for people with oily skin as it removes excess skin oils and controls acne it claims to fight pimples and fight marks, although it controls ones pimples and oily face however I don’t really think it can fight marks. It removes bacteria which also is the biggest cause for pimple. it’s very handy, and travel friendly. 

My experience with garnier neem face wash:-
I have a oily skin and prone to acne, as I’m a mumbaikar the climate it’s mostly hot and humid, and this face wash has pleased me well, as it controls my oil and acne, I use it 3 times a day however it doesn’t strip all of my face natural oil, it doesn’t makes ur skin excessively dry so that’s what I like about it, it lathers well, the fragrance is not too strong, mild freshly feeling is aroused after the face wash giving you a clean oil free look atleast for 2-4 hours depending on your skin type. I usually carry it in my gym bag and use it after gyming, as I have acne prone back I use it on my back to remove excess oil from the surface, it really helps me to stay acne free from my back area during shower, I recommend this face wash to all skin types as it balances its properties really well, and as I said before neem is good for the skin. Yes, I would definitely buy it again once it’s finished, 

I would rate it 4/5 as it could be improved more as it has slightly runny consistency, but definitely it is a must have product. 

Final verdict:- 
As I like this product, I would definitely buy it again once it’s finished. As neem is always been an Indian herb, this face wash is well suited to Indian skin type.

Hope this was useful to you. Thanks for reading with love XOXO 


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