Acne treatment for face/back/upper arm

By- Shelja Francis 

Every one gets acne in a certain stage of life, it’s completely natural process. Acne is caused by oil pores contacting with dirt and oil pores and pimple is formed! Or if there is hormone imbalance or delayed periodic cycle etc. There can be various reasons for acne, it can really be very stessful for a women as she can’t wear sleeveless tops and deep back necks. But the good news is there is a solution!! 

1. Use a antibacterial face wash:- as bacteria also causes acne make sure to stick to a good anti  bacterial face wash, you can use neutrona or garnier any face wash with saslyic acid, I would say NOT to use body wash or soap on your acne affected area like back and upper arm and     use ONLY such face washes during shower, as it cleanses the area and removes oil and prevents acne from taking birth.   


2. Shower atleast twice a day:- as Indian weather conditions are hot and humid I would  recommend to shower atleast twice a day doing so will remove oil and dirt from the area making it clean and hence preventing it from forming acne. 


3. Choose the right products:- It plays a important role in choosing creams according to your skin Type, it is necessary to use “oil free” products. Products which are water based, never forget to Check the ingredients before you invest.  

4. Lemon scrub:- lemon is a natural bleach and removes excess oil and leaves your skin oil free  and even helps to lighten the skin. It helps in reducing acne and dark spots. 

5. Exfoliate:- as our skin sheds dead skin, but a oily skin sheds less as compared to other skin   types hence it is necessary to exfoliate with a reputed body scrubber in the back and arm area.  It can be used in the entire body too! 


6. Drink water:- drinking atleast 2-3 ltrs of water can be a very healthy decision as it helps to flush  out all the toxins and makes the skin clearer and hydrated as skin, hair and nails water to look healthy and beautiful. 

7. Retino-A:- This is so far the best cream for acne and trust me on this you will never regret  purchasing it, apply it at night all over the face and re-apply it over acne marks as it reduces    acne marks too, don’t worry If your skin peels off a bit as it dries of your skin and removes the    excess dead. skin, you can also use this cream on back and arm area to reduce acne. use moisturising cream in the morning before you step out of your house, and in the morning wash it off with a oil free face wash.

8. Use acne pills:- there are many acne pills available in the market which helps a lot in controlling  back, upper arm and face acne, meet a dermatologist/skin specialist and ask about it and they can surely provide you according your skin needs. 


As in my teenage years I had acne on my back I used these tips and it faded over time! Hope it helps you too, thanks for reading, with love, XOXO    

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